Jan 07 at 06:43PM
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imageattackofdcowards replied to your post: jiyonggiyongchy. tumblr. com/post/39872273498/…

haha. it was reposted? lol.

They repost everything? Every single gif and gifset on their page belongs to somebody else? Friends have complained about this person doing this before. They seem capable of reblogging text posts but none of the gifs or gif-sets have been reblogged from their original owners.

It pisses me off, that blatant incessant fuck-assery.

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  1. attackofdcowards said: right. i dunno why tho. isn’t it like just some common decency not to repost. but whatever.. i think it’s really hard to actually stop them. i dunno if their clueless or just being rude. but well~
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