attackofdcowards replied to your post: /listening to that pre-debut song again/ Ugh god…

His Oh Mom was amazing :)) I love the depth and energy to it. it sounded a bit Rock-ish why I specifically love >:D ah! TOP also has a way with words :)) well I’m still hoping for a Dae solo and another Ri solo :3

Ugh tht washgjd perfectudsjxc.

When it came out, i sort of switched between which of the two was my favourite, but Oh Mom was AMAZINGGGGG. I love that it was rock-ish too. I loved that he came out with something so surprising and unexpected. I love that his voice was actually well suited to that.

Even if it was a bit autotuned because he’s a massive baby and scurred of using his voice.

Tbh I just want top / dae / ri solo’s lmao.

  1. donghyuksnoona said: ugh i hate the autotune, but the rest of that song is PERFECT
  2. attackofdcowards said: gaaaah,that voice! I don’t even want to watch his perf of Oh Mom because fhsdifn feels. ughh. I want more of those songs.. gahh. if he’d just focus on his music more on his acting. I’m not complaining or anything.. but… ughh.
  3. oyveyzqueer said: i legit can’t watch those few performances of Oh Mom very often because they make me feel overwhelmed. ugh his VOICE
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