/listening to that pre-debut song again/

Ugh god I really wish top would release an album.

You have no idea.

I loved Top before I even knew he was in a boy band, lol. He was my entry into Big Bang and I’ve been waiting for a solo ever since. One that will probably never happen, despite a vague comment from him saying ‘perhaps I’ll do one next year’.

Taste wise, Top is what I like more than anyone else in BB.

His two Solo’s on the GD&TOP album were better than anything Jiyong has ever written (to me).

I love Jiyong but a whole lot of his songs sound the same to me (so consequently a lot of BB’s recent music sounds the same to me because he has such a heavy hand in it) but on the GD&TOP album —- there was Top doing his own songs without Jiyong’s intervention and they were GENUINELY unique —- outside the sphere of Kpop, with better composition and flow than Jiyong’s songs but everyone was still ‘oh jiyong is a MUSICAL GENIUS!!!’

And I’m always a bit like ‘ugh ok,’ hoping against all hope that one day, Top will deign to make an album and you know … do his job …. so people can appreciate the fucking musical genius i am sure lurks beneath his …. whatever it is exterior.

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  3. cherriesontahp said: THIS. all of it. i hope we get an album some day, or at least a few more solo tracks on a GD&TOP-type deal again. i think he puts it off bc he’s uncomfortable performing alone, but I’d be completely ok with no performances. I just need more music ;_;
  4. attackofdcowards said: His Oh Mom was amazing :)) I love the depth and energy to it. it sounded a bit Rock-ish why I specifically love >:D ah! TOP also has a way with words :)) well I’m still hoping for a Dae solo and another Ri solo :3
  5. ohmydiddydays said: Thank you! that’s exactly what i say to people! GD amazing, but damn all of his and BB songs sound alike cos like you said his behind most of them. Imma need a Daesung album soonish too! that boys voice is damn amazing for him not to have 1!
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