holy shit there is a name for it

Well damn. Explains a lot.

Suddenly I understand some of my fan base a LOT better.  That is Awesome. 

"holy shit there is a name for it" was my reaction before I even scrolled down to the comments.

I just need to keep reblogging this because I cannot even begin to tell you how profound a feeling of YES and THIS and THERE IS A WORD FOR ME OMG I get every time I see this, and I hope it helps others too.

Apparently this guy published a book / papers on asexuality. A lot of people probably have this kind of asexuality tbh.

I mean I love the concept of sex and relationships involving other people. I’m attracted to people, I crush on people, I like porn etc .. I just have no desire to be involved in anything personally. The thought of being with other people is just —- nothing to me. I’m old enough now and have experienced enough to know that probably won’t change.

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Korea’s Next Top Model 

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Anonymous: Did they really look at everything ? Like food intolerance,gastritis,peptic ulcer,reflux disease and so on have you been through a gastroscopy ? There could be something wrong with the wall of your stomach. Or sometimes the pain comes from the intestines. Colonoscopy ? There could be 1000 problems. But maybe its a psychic problem? Im sorry it must be really shitty for you i hope theyll find a solution soon dont lose hope !!!

A few months ago when it was it’s worst, My Doctor and the ER Doctors decided it was gastritis and that mostly fit my symptoms at the time. They ruled out intolerances and I had ultrasounds and x-rays and every blood test under the sun.

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apathetic spring fashion


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My test results came back negative for h pylori? So that’s it, really. The Doctors have no idea, I won’t know anything else or have any more tests scheduled until my appointment with the specialist in November.

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Cutie Patootie (✿◠‿◠)

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Stop. Kwon. Jiyong

well he was in a very good mood ytd~it was a bonus for fans sitting at the sides~

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Be young. Be dope. Be Proud.

  The Declaration of Independence (1776)  
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me most of the time: people are okay, I guess. like no one is 100% bad.
me after reading the comments section in any article, ever: this world can only be cleansed with fire.
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The key to better selfies might be taking pictures of pictures. The art of diffusion.

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Pretty When You Cry | 160 plays
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