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i can help whoever’s next

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maknae trying to get toptoptop hyung’s attention :)

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Miss his laughing[x]

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Bom's Bungee Jumping Unreleased Cut from SBS Roommate


Everyone check this! You’ll be so proud of her!

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me: i’m gonna write

me: [reads another person’s writing]

me: i’m never writing again

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Just Kwon Ji Yong casually ruining your life.

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"From the outside I seem happy a lot, but I'm human and it's impossible to always be happy."
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The adorable maknae during “Always” finale.

But then again It would be frustrating if I did have gallstones because growing up, I never worried about them. I assumed you had to eat a terrible diet and be in pretty poor health but here I am, eating nothing but fruit and vegetables, drinking a tonne of water every day and BAM, gall bladder is like ‘Nah, son. Nice try’.

But even in the tag on here, so many people with them are young and healthy and that’s super lame, man.

The Dr suggested the ultrasound to check my gallbladder and reading up on peoples experiences with gallstones I’m starting to think that’s pretty likely!?

And I actually hope it is. I’m praying they find a poo load of gallstones inside me at the ultrasound so they can take the whole thing out. Like I don’t need my gall bladder, I don’t care, take it out.

/endless screaming/

Jul 19 at 08:03AM
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highfivesghost replied to your post: anonymous said:Wtf they let you w…

you need to yell at them and demand answers. doctors shouldn’t be saying “durr its the weekend tho” hospitals are open 24/7.

Earlier when I hadn’t eaten anything I thought, ‘lets not be dramatic,’ but then I, like a massive dickhead, got so hungry I had a few mouthfuls of soup —— and yeah, I feel you. I cannot deal with this any more. If the ultrasound shows nothing on Monday, I’m just going to the hospital … I can’t wait for blood test results to show up that won’t reveal anything anyway. I need them to stick that fucking camera down my throat and find the problem so they can fucking fix it because I seriously can’t fucking do this any more.

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Seungri rehearsing for the +α Concert.