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Park Bom and her  acting skills

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…am I a sexy bitch? @v@

Sorry, i didn’t have a cute drawing saying ‘yes’. Thems the breaks.

Anonymous: who's your fav char so far?

I don’t really have one!? Sometimes I watch a show and just don’t take sides. To be really dull I’d probably say Eren and Mikasa atm. Though Annie is a hella cool babe. She reminds me of Sasha from Pacific Rim.

From what I’ve seen on tumblr, I expected a lot of Jean + Marco and they were aiight but I didn’t think about them much. The popular duo of Levi and Erwin only came in 5 minutes ago so I don’t have opinions on them yet besides thinking Levi must have been top of the class @ ballet school.

sick-nasty-robot replied to your post: Finally watching SNK for cookieaara

lmao you’re gonna drop it after ep1

Suck it bitch, I’m up to 14.

Finally watching SNK for cookieaara

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*texts back 3 weeks later* sorry I fell asleep

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Anonymous: what do you make your vids with?

I made them with sony vegas pro 11

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Heyyy, a quick mega thank-you to everyone who liked/commented on my last text post. I really appreciated that <3 <3

I might not be around much for a little while. I’m pretty sick atm and I’m spending as much time as humanly possible asleep.

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